Friday, October 18, 2013

Thin Privilege Is...

...not being able to find a wedding dress, because strapless dresses don't fit you.

...getting dirty looks from random girls whenever you go out.

...hearing "go eat a sandwich" comments from strangers most every day.

...having to stuff your face at every meal to ward off accusations of anorexia.

...everyone you meet suddenly becoming a doctor, a psychologist, and a nutritionist qualified to diagnose, test, and treat your "condition."

...having entire sections of the internet devoted to hating you with the kind of vitriol usually reserved for racist mass murderers.

...suffering a direct, public attack from the Oprah of a movement supposedly dedicated to a rational philosophy, complete with a 100+ comment Facebook thread in which at least 25 people who have never met you or even seen you in person join in viciously and repeatedly denouncing you merely for being young, thin, and pretty, while dismissing all evidence that you are healthy both physically and psychologically without consideration.

...being told that all of this is out of concern for your own well-being.

You know, I think I might stick with my thunder-thighs after all.

Yours in privilege,

S. Misanthrope

This post is dedicated to all the lovely, thin women in my life. And what the heck, to the bitchy ones, too.

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