Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Holy Crap, Is This Really Happening Right Now?

I really, really want to do work today, but instead I have to write this post.

If you haven't heard, George Zimmerman, the man acquitted of the second-degree murder of Trayvon Martin earlier this year, is divorcing his wife Shellie. Yesterday, Shellie placed a 911 call in which she made a massive number of false statements to police involving George having a gun, waiving a gun, threatening her and her father with a gun, and telling her to "Come closer" so he could shoot her with a gun.

Other outlandish, unproven claims include:
-That George broke Shellie's father's nose
-That George stabbed Shellie's iPad with a pocket knife
-That George was "trying to close the garage door on us" at the same time he was in his car and threatening both Shellie and her father with the gun.

Some pertinent facts not covered by the 911 call include:
-Shellie was filming George against his consent in George's own home using the iPad
-Shellie had agreed to collect her belongings from the house on Saturday, but instead showed up unexpectedly (allegedly with a few hours warning) on Monday with her father
-The location of George has been a closely guarded secret due to the numerous death threats against him; that location is now known to everyone due to the 911 call.

An hour after the 911 call, Shellie and her father signed a document stating they would not press charges. Shortly afterward George was released.

The police have confirmed the following:
-That there was absolutely no gun involved whatsoever
-That absolutely  no one was injured whatsoever
-That the iPad was shattered (not stabbed), but video may be recovered
-That Shellie will not face charges for blatantly lying to the police during the 911 call on the grounds that "divorce makes people emotional"
-That George or others may face charges depending on what the iPad video shows.

No word on how the "emotional" nature of divorce, death threats, hostile people unexpectedly invading your home and filming you without your consent, and watching your wife make false accusations of violence against you to police will factor into any decisions with respect to charges against George.

Yesterday I was accused by Twit @AniOBrien of hating women, so I want to make something perfectly clear:

I absolutely 100% believe that Shellie Zimmerman is a shameless, lying whore who is using every tool at her disposal to destroy her husband during this divorce.

Before I even read the CNN update linked above, I was prepared to bet $1,000 that she lied substantially during the 911 call. Even I didn't dream that she lied so completely.

Shellie has put George's life at risk by revealing his address. She is expertly employing every tool in the Divorce for Women Playbook to destroy her husband's life. She's taking away his home (he can't stay there now that the address is known), his family/support system (she's been telling them how "unstable" he is), his freedom to move about in the world at all (changing the times of agreed-upon meetings, forcing him to change his plans to accommodate you [bonus if he has to miss work!], threatening him with arrest and another criminal trial). I can only be grateful there are no kids in the mix; that's the only way what she's doing could possibly be worse.

It's absolutely incredible to me the way the rights of men are shoved aside and the privileges of women taken as a matter of course every way I turn. Once you start to see it, it's hard to see anything else. Which I guess is why I'm going to have to start wearing a blindfold. You guys will still read this if it's in braille, right?

To blind Justice,

S. Misanthrope


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