Thursday, August 29, 2013

T-Rex Will Even Bite It off for You

"Also, he referred to circumcision as "genital mutilation." I get that it's a very heated and multifaceted issue, but calling it genital mutilation is too close to equating it with female genital mutilation for my taste." ~TyrannosaurusBataar, commenter on

I'm gearing up toward ripping Jezebel about a dozen a new ones, in the hopes that people will see the light and stop posting their misandrist vitriol on Facebook. For right now, though, I just couldn't stop myself from bringing up this lovely example from a very moderate commenter on the site. It's offends T-rex's palate to even imply that cutting off part of a boy's sex organ might be in some sense equivalent to cutting off part of a girl's sex organ.

Well, there's no accounting for taste, I guess.

The language in this particular quotation is just priceless. "Genital mutilation" sounds like "female genital mutilation" because guess what? "Genital mutilation" is just "female genital mutilation" with the word "female" removed! In mathematics, we call this a "general case." The fun thing about general cases- they actually contain the specific case. So when T-rex's "friend" talks about baby sex organ cutting, he's actually talking about baby boys and baby girls. T-rex doesn't like this, though. Not one bit. Nope, we have to talk about the cutting of little girls while specifically excluding little boys.

This, ladies and especially gentlemen, is what people mean when they say Men's Rights Activists are "off-putting," or "concerning," or "creepy." It bothers them that MRAs want men and boys to count, too.

Gird your loins, boys, because women clearly aren't going to do it for you. And Jezebel? I'm coming for you.

Brace yourself,

S. Misanthrope

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