Monday, July 22, 2013

Stupid of the Week #11: These Guys

I don't have the endurance to play "dumbest thing said about the Zimmerman case" to its farcical conclusion, but I do think this priceless contribution to the national debate deserves a shout-out:

To clarify: this is a group of doctors retaking their "class photo" in thug attire and inquiring, in a grammatically dubious manner, whether or not they do indeed now look like thugs.

Yes. Yes, you do.

It's quite simple, really. Your clothing, unlike your race, is a choice. You decide what you put on each day, what fabric face you present to the world. And that choice is designed intentionally to communicate something about you in a social context. A white coat says doctor. An over-sized hoodie obscuring your face paired with baggy jeans says gang-banger. It's really not a difficult concept.

You know what would actually be racist? If I saw a black person in a doctor's coat and assumed it was Halloween.

Lest we generalize unfairly, let's pay tribute to an outspoken black man who does understand the difficult concept of "clothing":

Rock on, Mr. Chappelle.

~S. Misanthrope


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