Wednesday, February 1, 2012


If you recall, your good friend S. here isn't that into music. That said, Rush is AWESOME. Happy Rush Day, y'all.

Rock it out,

S. Misanthrope

P.S. If you somehow discovered this blog before you discovered Rush, may I recommend a personal favorite to get you started down the path to nerdy-prog-rock-dom:

P.P.S. I'd never seen this video before. I could not possibly love it more! Amazing.


  1. AND You Like Rush too? Well I like you already! Some one like me. and then if you like japanese stuff then we have to talk , or get together for tea.

  2. Tokyo is my third favorite city, Battle Royale is in my top ten favorite films, and Fullmetal Alchemist is in the top five greatest stories ever told. I like my tea like I like my men, however- not green -and katanas are for pussies (real men carry broadswords). Pass the daifuku.