Thursday, September 29, 2011

Some Minor Business

It has been brought to my attention that some of you crazy kids use this thing called "The Googles" which has a newfangled contraption known as "The Reader," which I assume does your reading for you because you've all forgotten how. Further, said contraption does not appreciate my copious use of yellow text. I'm guessing this is because this Reader thing doesn't actually show you the full glory that is
with my carefully selected color scheme artfully designed by my own hands to maximize awesomeness, instead showing some bastardized form and sacrificing beauty on the alter of convenience. I have to guess at this because the damn Google Reader site WILL NOT LOAD, not EVER, and I'm starting to think it's not even a real thing and y'all are just messin' with me. Either way, it gave me an excuse to write this short post and technically meet my monthly posting quota once more.

Alas, when you only have 5, possibly 5-and-a-half, readers, you can't afford to alienate even one with inconveniently colored text, so I will be reconsidering my color scheme and overall design soon.* Because I respect and value the hive mind so much, now's your chance to give me your thoughts on what should change, what should stay the same, and what is your favo(u)rite colo(u)r. Just follow these simple instructions:

Haha, that's right, fuckers, I'm writing this in yellow. Good luck with that, Google Reader, you bitch. Ok, now I really just need to add some filler so it looks to the people on Google Reader that they are missing something really substantial and important. Really all you need to do is give me feedback in the comments below, so that's easy enough, but I still have to waste some time here, so....yeah. Hey, did you guys know that I at one point had memorized  not only all of the songs but also the choreography to the musical Cats? True story. Ok, well, I think that's enough now. Toodles!


S. Misanthrope

*By "soon," I mean "whenever I have literally nothing better to do than make cosmetic changes to a stupid humor blog I don't get paid for."

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