Thursday, September 1, 2011

Get Some

As we all know, thanks to the Department of Health, no shirt, no shoes = no service. Luckily you can still get served while maintaining your edge through the careful application of clever tees. To that end, I highly recommend Lonely Dinosaur. Just as your hipster cred hangs on whether your iPod is playing a suitably obscure artist right now, your nerd cred depends on your ability to stay ahead of the witty-tee-shirt curve as well as your ability to define and plot said curve on your TI-89. I mean seriously, if I see one more caffeine molecule on a tee shirt, I'm going to have to start confiscating geek cards. Save us all from overused references to the health status of Schrรถdinger's cat by slipping on some of these sweet threads:

The namesake design.
Some of you I know will go crazy for this one.
Yes, yes I did. Sorry about that.
This is one of those snorty laugh ones, you know? No? Ok.
In case any of you were wondering (or the FCC is listening), no, this is not some kind of paid product endorsement (although it would be totally cool if the folks at Lonely Dinosaur wanted to give me a free tee shirt, just sayin'.) Nor were these. I just think these things are cool and want more people to buy them so the supply will increase and there will be more cool things around for me to enjoy. Also I'm really, really sick of that goddamn caffeine shirt. Please buy this instead.


S. Misanthrope

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