Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How to Earn Respect at Work

Me: [walking into Jim's office] Hey, Jim.

Jim: Hi, S.

Me: You know Eddie Izzard's giraffe walk?

Jim: What?

Me: You know, the one that goes like this. [Mimes Eddie Izzard miming a giraffe]

Jim: Oh. Yes. I saw that bit. Once.

Me: Well, there's something about this hallway that makes me want to do the giraffe walk every time I go down it. Maybe just to see if anyone would notice.

Jim: [Silence]

Me: You know?

Jim: Not really.

Me: Oh.

[More silence]

Jim: By the way, I haven't done that thing you asked me to do yet.

Me: Why not? Do I need to be meaner? Do you not take me seriously?

Jim: You just came into my office and told me that you feel compelled to walk like a giraffe.

Me: Oh. Yeah, I guess I see your point. Bye, then.

Jim: Bye.

Me: [giraffe-walks out the door]

The End.

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