Friday, July 15, 2011

Business Idea: Reductio Reductio ad Hitlerum Education System

If I ever lose my mind and become an educator, I will absolutely without question implement this product in my classroom. The Reductio Reductio ad Hitlerum Education System is an educational tool designed to reduce and ultimately eliminate the practice of argumentum ad hominem in the United States. When utilized consistently throughout the education system, it can generate a rational culture in just two generations.

What do you get?

For four easy payments of $19.95 and one difficult payment of $13.22, you receive the entire Reductio Reductio ad Hitlerum Education System, suitable for use in a class of up to 25 students. Your RRaH kit includes:

-25 fun, engaging, and age-appropriate "Logic 101" textbooks
-1 Logic 101 teacher's edition textbook
-25 Logic 101 companion workbooks
-1 Logic 101 teacher's edition workbook
-26 copies of the official rules of parliamentary debate
-30 debate topics
-26 life-like masks of Adolf Hitler

How does it work?

The RRaH Education System works by inhibiting the effectiveness of ad hominem attacks. To apply the system in your own classroom, simply select two students, place a Hitler mask on each, randomly draw a debate topic, and enjoy a fun, productive, and logic-based parliamentary debate. Due to their natural human instinct to be douchebags, the students will eventually attempt to attack each other through vicious name-calling. When this inevitably occurs, simply remind them that they are both Hitler and had therefore better make a logically valid argument instead.

The RRaH Education System can also help eliminate other common problems like:
-Sexual harassment (no one wants to fondle that 'stache)
-Gender discrimination
-Homophobia (you're all gay now!)
-Having to look at children

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