Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Answer

I'm seriously considering deleting my prior post. As it turns out, it would be super, super illegal for me to have done anything other than what I did (which was nothing) in the face of that anti-gay nonsense at work, because it was *religious* anti-gay nonsense. Apparently no matter what kind of nonsense you spout, you are protected from any kind of negative consequences at work, as long as your nonsense is the special, protected type of nonsense.

So here I find myself in the middle of a PC pickle. This Neanderthal is protected in the name of religion, but homosexuals are offered similar protection. It's a hostile work environment to talk about hating gays, and it's a hostile work environment to talk about hating religious morons who hate gays. What the fuck, society?

Remember the Civil Rights movement, or any major cultural movement for that matter? Does anyone remember how things actually changed? It wasn't the government coming in and granting special protections (which doesn't even make any sense when the goal is *equal* protection). The government is always, always late to that kind of game. The real change happens when ordinary people challenge the corrupt legal and social order: when German kids swing dance in the 30s, when little old ladies refuse to go to the back of the bus in the 50s, when Iranians tweet their protests today.

The legal restrictions we've placed on employers not to discriminate based on this or that merely serves to retard our progress as a culture. Gay rights activists in San Francisco in the 70s would publish lists of anti-gay businesses in the city so that those who opposed such bigotry could avoid patronizing such businesses. This created an economic incentive to actually change points of view. Now that the law simply prohibits anti-gay discrimination, we have no clue who the bad guys are. The bigots haven't gone away; they've just been silenced- for now.

Thus, for the first time ever, I am considering self-censorship. What matters more to me- my job or my job on my terms? The reality is, I can't have my job on my terms at all, not completely, so I guess that answers that.

Here's to hopefully getting what you need, if not what you want,

S. Misanthrope

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