Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Some Photography You Should Check out

In addition to my secret life as a sardonic writer and my non-secret life as an actuary, I have an extra-secret life as a makeup artist. I recently helped my good friend M. J. Kelley with a shoot that he's published on his webpage mjkelleyblog.blogspot.com and also on the site for the professional photography services company Dexter Washington Photography (dexterwashington.com). The relevant shots are this one and this one. And what the hell, may as well add extra incentive to visit his sites by mentioning that I am the model for these shots as well, for any of my non-personal-friend readers who are dying to know what I look like.

All of his work is worth a looksy. Here are a few of my favorites:

Where I grew up, there were lots of coastal caves like this one. I loved exploring them; it was like visiting another planet. This shot to me captures the other-worldliness of the coast - literally the edge of civilization.

I love the clean lines and smooth curves of modern architecture. I love how it can both stand in stark contrast to nature and blend with it simultaneously. To me this photo really captures that juxtaposition - the smoothness of the glass both opposes and reflects the chaotic wisps of the cloud. It also makes me think of fractals, which is always fun.

I love the startling symmetry of this photograph. Be sure to check it out on the original Flickr page, because it doesn't show up quite right here.

I love this photograph because of the surreal coloration. Each color and figure seems to emit its own eerie light. It reminds me of the work of photographer Gregory Crewdson and also of Tim Burton.

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