Monday, April 11, 2011

There Is No Such Thing as a "Permanent Record"

Based on the following conversation, I felt this required clarification:

Me: Although generally marriage creates a favorable tax position, at high enough income levels, it's actually a tax burden. In fact it's not entirely uncommon for high net worth individuals to divorce, because the tax savings are so substantial.

My coworker: But isn't it really bad to be divorced?

Me: Well, they don't actually split up. It doesn't really change anything. They don't even have to tell anyone.

My coworker: But doesn't a divorce go on your permanent record?

Me: Um, I mean, it's in the court records, but someone would have to go look for that information.

My coworker: But what about your permanent record?

Me: Your...what?

My coworker: Your permanent record of everything you ever do.

Me: Like with God or something?

My coworker: No, that, like, employers check and stuff.

Me: That's not a real thing.

My coworker: It's not?

Me: No.

My coworker: Oh. Are you sure?

Me: Pretty sure, yeah.

My coworker: Oh.

To be fair, she is from an undersea colony where the government does in fact keep one comprehensive record of all your information, including first grade spelling test scores, natural hair color, and parking tickets.


  1. Damn it! These immigrants from the sea colonies are every where! They're taking our jobs away.

    I thought the whole point of the colonies was to create new fields and, thus, new jobs. Is the world insane?