Friday, September 10, 2010

Teen Pregnancy Drama (in 50 Words or Less)

      A cute teenager has missed her period twice. She goes to the store and buys a pregnancy test. It tests positive. She goes to Planned Parenthood and has an abortion and goes on with her life.

The End

Can I please just say, I am so so so so so so so fed up with the unwanted pregnancy plot line? Like, seriously, we’ve had a solution to this problem for a very long time. There is no drama in that situation, there’s just an operating table. Actually I’m not sure there’s even an operating table, maybe there’s just a normal table and a pill. It hardly warrants a side plot let alone a leading role in any story.

I’ve decided to place a lifetime boycott on unwanted pregnancy stories. It’s just too much of a ridiculous, cop-out plot device. However much I might like a show or a film, if unwanted pregnancy shows up and isn’t resolved within 2 minutes by going to the clinic, I will stop watching. Glee just managed to sneak in before the cut off, and now that’s *it*. No more.

In case you were wondering, other unacceptable plot fails include: the “it was all a dream” ending (fuck you, Vanilla Sky), the “we were in hell/heaven/purgatory all along” ending (I point and laugh at the idiots who sat through 5 seasons of Lost for that crap finale), the “you thought this was the future/past but it’s actually the past/future” twist (I’m looking at you, BSG), and the “biased narrator” twist (Keyser Soze can suck it).

So if something with an actual plot comes along, let me know.


S. Misanthrope

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